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Why Your Pharma Marketing Strategy Needs Modular Content Practices?

Published December. 27. 2022
Why Your Pharma Marketing Strategy Needs Modular Content Practices

Why Your Pharma Marketing Need Modular Content

What is Modular Content? 

In industries like FMCG and retail, where the need for more material is growing and personalized content is needed to satisfy client requests, modular content is a well-established strategy through digital marketing intelligence for content marketers. For pharma marketers, however, it is a more recent idea as they increasingly turn to modular solutions in response to the accelerated need for content over the previous year.

Pharma marketers are eager to discover ways to produce more content rapidly while lowering inefficiencies and generating savings since the marketing content mix for pharma is developing. While not the perfect solution for all content creation, modular content and the standardization of platforms, workflows, and processes will give marketers a very efficient and affordable way to quickly launch derivative content based on the main campaign creative while making savings that can be used for other strategies or channels.

The practice of developing material that can be assembled in whatever way the user desires is known as “modular content” or “atomic” design. It can be utilized for print or digital patient communications, marketing, and sales materials.

The content can then be utilized as a framework for messages. It may include features like headlines, body copy, graphics, calls-to-action, legal copy, and logos. It signals a departure from marketing as usual and allows for the execution of concepts in a more templated way than is currently the case.

The absence of a modular content eco-system leads to inefficiencies such as the requirement to develop extra, duplicate, or derivative content from scratch. With a modular content eco-system, creating extra material takes only a few minutes as opposed to several weeks thanks to a common store of brand assets, claims, references, etc.

One drawback of prioritizing urgent demands over potential future uses of assets is that it frequently results in wasteful inefficiencies and somewhat laborious manufacturing procedures, but this is changing.

The need for a higher volume of assets that will quickly get through regulatory and can be used to successfully and efficiently create a higher volume of quality business intelligence marketing materials speaking in a consistent brand voice is exposed by the ongoing challenges faced by pharma marketers in optimizing and delivering content globally.

Having materials and components lined up that have already been approved is one method to overcome these difficulties. By doing this, it eliminates the need to constantly navigating the same regulatory minefields for the same content, which all too often causes the process to grind to a standstill.

Advantages of Using Modular Content

Modular design and content elements make it simple to reuse and group together into a single content model. Utilizing digital transformation services makes it simpler and more efficient to implement modular content. Instead of managing content or communicating with developers, content creators may concentrate on innovation and quality. Here are a few of the main advantages of using modular content.

Promotes greater marketing agility

The average modern customer communicates online without ever speaking to a company representative. Agility plays a key role in this. If a customer does get in touch with your business, you must respond right away. When dealing with modular material, the time it takes to communicate information to the audience is significantly reduced. In these circumstances, consumer interaction becomes the key focus, and the marketing and sales teams need to have resources available. Your content supply chain becomes more effective as you produce content more quickly, and you can accomplish more with the same resources.

Improved Brand Consistency

So that brand guidelines are automatically applied to the text and pictures developers choose when repurposing material, modular content can decouple design from content. Since the content layout has been planned out in advance, users can create a consistent customer impression. Without having to worry about off-brand executions, b2b event marketing teams can concentrate on choosing modules that are in line with the brand and the most recent marketing campaign. It is also simpler to ensure rigorous compliance with regulations because the fundamental components are already present.

Reuse Of Content

The marketing and sales teams can use customized material while maintaining globally uniform elements to expand into new areas. Without a modular content model, it was challenging to repurpose many creative content ideas across platforms, therefore they went mostly unutilized. Teams can exchange good material quickly and easily with a modular content framework.

Independent content management by creators and developers yields significantly better, quicker results.

How Can a Modular Content Model Be Built?

Since it affects not just sales and marketing but also the complete customer experience, spanning several departments and distributing across multiple channels, modular content improves the efficiency of the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. However, creating the ideal modular content architecture for your pharma strategy requires an internal rollout strategy. When developing your modular content plan, you should take a few important factors into account.

  • Make templates for content creation for efficient reuse. By adding the relevant modules to alter the template in accordance with campaign plans, teams may produce content more quickly using a generic template with core brand assets.
  • To ensure uniformity across all teams, document the modular content production process. This should involve modifying approval workflows, the briefing and assembly process, and localization processes.
  • Determine the stakeholders who will be affected by the change and explain their motivations. All parties involved in the creation and production of content can be assured of an effective modified management strategy in this way.

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