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What Are Some B2B Event Marketing Trends & Strategies?

Published September. 28. 2022
What Are Some B2B Event Marketing Trends & Strategies

What Are Some B2B Event Marketing Trends & Strategies?

Want to create B2B event marketing that people will enjoy? Create higher-quality content, improve your marketing strategy, and meet your event registration targets with us.

B2B Event Marketing Ideas Fail: Here’s Why

Despite the best research and ideas, not every marketing idea will be a home run. Most people make the same mistakes, which is great news because it is easy to learn what not to do from others.

The three most common b2b business event marketing mistakes are:

  1. Failing to quantify marketing ROI,
  2. Failing to understand your customer base, and;
  3. Failing to align your goals.

Continue reading to learn how to avoid the most common b2b event marketing blunders and capitalize on the most recent successful b2b event marketing trends.

What are the Best B2B Event Marketing Objectives?

For any event you host, you should keep some objectives throughout the planning process. Having concrete and realistic event objectives will help you make decisions. However, not every marketer knows exactly what they’re aiming for. Translate your business objectives into event objectives with us for you to be successful.

  • Increase Sales

Even if increasing sales is your ultimate goal, you still need to choose specific objectives to aim for and measure before, during, and after the event. Aiming for a certain number of new, qualified leads or the monetary value of the event’s sales pipeline are good places to start. Keep track of ticket sales, CRM updates, and newsletter sign-ups to succeed in this field.

  • Build Your Brand

Isn’t just hosting an event enough to build your brand? Not exactly. You must find better results to understand your audience’s reaction to the event. As indicators of success, these objectives should aim for social media followers, website traffic, and media coverage from major outlets. For a more in-depth understanding of these goals, you should rely on SEO and web analytics.

  • Engage Customers

Sometimes all you want to do is organize an event that engages your customers in some way with your brand. Perhaps you’re introducing a new aspect of your business that will necessitate more user interaction. In either case, focusing on event or brand app downloads, social media mentions, and live poll participation are the most effective ways to turn this big idea into a measurable goal. This category includes anything that requires a member of your audience to take a specific action related to your brand.

B2B Event Marketing Trends to Harness This Year

The most recent advances in event marketing reveal exactly what we should focus on between now and next year. Your company will benefit even if you only use one of these trends. These methods are excellent because they are tried and true, but they are also novel enough to captivate audiences. Take advantage of these fantastic B2B pharmaceutical trends now. At the same time, the iron is hot:

  1. Bags of Digital Goodies Attendees will value the ebooks, product coupon codes, exclusively featured speaker webinars, and other high-value content you provide during the conference. Sponsors will appreciate the ability to quantify event ROI through link tracking and download numbers.
  2. Podcast Advertising. According to podcast statistics, business-related topics are among the top five most popular podcast genres. A good microphone, a recording program or app, and something relevant to discuss is all you need to create a podcast for your event.
  3. Brunch. Hosting a catered brunch for all your guests can transform any corporate event into a tasty get-together! This trend is especially effective when it comes to attracting Millennials.
  4. Live Streaming. Marketers are now expected to use live video marketing. Most people would rather watch a video about your event than read a blog post. You can also reuse content from your live streams to create an educational video series for YouTube, social media clips, and gated, lead-generating webinars.
  5. Influencer Marketing. Through Influencers By 2020, 65% of global brands intend to increase their influencer marketing investments. When you work with trusted industry experts to create your content, you will notice an increase in audience engagement and overwhelming support from your fanbase.

Now that you’ve compiled a list of fantastic marketing strategies let’s look at what other companies are doing to generate buzz for their corporate events.

Now You’re Ready to Make Your B2B Event a Success

Much of what applies to B2C event marketing also apply to B2B event company marketing. The main difference is that you must establish value for attendees. You’ll also need to think outside the box when connecting with your audience before, during, and after the event. With these ideas in mind, don’t forget to read these articles on KPI for event ROI beginners and how to incorporate co-branding into your event marketing strategy effectively.

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