Innovent Biologics and Synaffix Expand ADC Collaboration Following Positive Preliminary Clinical Signal from Ongoing Phase 1 Study

Published December. 15. 2023
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Innovent Biologics, Inc., a prominent biopharmaceutical company, has announced the expansion of its licensing deal with Synaffix B.V., a Lonza company focused on antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) technology. The extension builds upon a previous agreement from June 2021, granting Innovent the use of Synaffix’s ADC technologies on a non-exclusive basis for a therapeutic molecule (IBI343, a CLDN18.2 ADC) in Phase 1 clinical development. Under the expanded agreement, Innovent will develop at least one new ADC candidate using Synaffix’s technology to achieve best-in-class efficacy and tolerability. Innovent will be responsible for research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization, with Synaffix receiving upfront payment, potential milestone payments, and royalties on commercial sales for each licensed target.

The collaboration with Synaffix has already led to the progress of IBI343 to the clinical development stage. Dr. Kaijie He, Vice President of Cancer Biology and ADC research at Innovent, emphasized the significance of the expanded deal, stating that it adds a new ADC to their research projects and enhances their understanding of ADC research and pipeline development. The expanded partnership reflects Innovent’s commitment to advancing innovative medicines.

Peter van de Sande, Head of Synaffix, highlighted Innovent as an ideal partner due to its focus on innovative medicines and R&D expertise. The collaboration has gained momentum around IBI343, and Synaffix looks forward to leveraging its technology platform with Innovent’s clinical development capabilities. This includes enabling the off-the-shelf conversion of antibodies into ADCs, showcasing the synergies between Synaffix’s technology and Innovent’s proven track record in rapidly advancing product candidates to the clinic.

About Innovent

Inspired by the spirit of “Start with Integrity, Succeed through Action,” Innovent’s mission is to discover and develop, manufacture and commercialize high-quality biopharmaceutical products that are affordable to ordinary people. Established in 2011, Innovent is committed to discovering and developing, manufacturing and commercializing high-quality innovative medicines for the treatment of oncology, autoimmune, cardiovascular and metabolic, and ophthalmology diseases to enhance the quality of the patients’ lives. Innovent has 10 products in the market, including TYVYT® (Sintilimab Injection), BYVASDA® (Bevacizumab Injection), SULINNO® (Adalimumab Injection), HALPRYZA® (Rituximab Injection), Pemazyre® (Pemigatinib Oral Inhibitor), olverembatinib, Cyramza® (Ramucirumab Injection), Retsevmo® (Selpercatinib Capsules), FUCASO® (Equecabtagene  Autoleucel Injection) and SINTBILO® (Tafolecimab Injection). Additionally, Innovent has 2 NDA under NMPA review, 5 assets in Phase III or pivotal clinical trials, and 19 more molecules in early clinical stage.


Source: Innovent Biologics, 7th Dec 2023

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