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NeuExcell Therapeutics Announces Successful Dosing of First Patient by NeuroD1 Gene Therapy

Published March. 26. 2024
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NeuExcell Therapeutics has achieved a significant milestone by successfully dosing the first patient with their groundbreaking NeuroD1 gene therapy product, NXL-004, aimed at treating malignant glioma, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. Led by Professor Yulun Huang and his team in China, this investigator-initiated trial marks the first clinical use of AAV-NeuroD1 gene therapy worldwide for glioblastoma patients. NXL-004, based on NeuExcell’s innovative in vivo trans-differentiation technology, seeks to inhibit tumor cell proliferation and promote their transformation into neural cells, offering a potentially promising treatment avenue with minimal side effects on healthy brain cells. The trial’s completion of the first patient dosing signifies a significant step forward in addressing unmet medical needs in glioblastoma treatment, with the company committed to closely monitoring safety and efficacy throughout the study. This milestone underscores NeuExcell’s dedication to pioneering game-changing treatments for severe neurological disorders using in vivo neural regenerative therapies


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