Takeda and Biological E. Join Forces to Boost Global Dengue Vaccine Supply

Published February. 28. 2024

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has announced a partnership with Biological E. Limited, an Indian biologics and vaccine company, for the manufacturing of its dengue vaccine, TAK-003. This collaboration is aimed at addressing the global health challenge posed by dengue fever, a disease targeted by the World Health Organization (WHO) with a goal to reduce the case-fatality rate to zero by the year 2030. 

The partnership is set to boost the manufacturing capabilities for TAK-003, with Biological E. scaling up its production to potentially deliver up to 50 million doses annually. This move aligns with Takeda’s ambition to produce 100 million doses of the vaccine each year within the next decade, aiming for widespread availability, especially in regions with high dengue prevalence. 

Gary Dubin, M.D., President of Takeda’s Global Vaccine Business Unit, emphasized the company’s commitment to making the vaccine accessible to those at risk, highlighting the partnership’s role in expanding manufacturing capacity for TAK-003. The collaboration with Biological E. is seen as a strategic step towards achieving a broader public health impact against dengue on a global scale. 

Dengue remains the fastest-spreading mosquito-borne viral disease, with approximately half of the world’s population at risk. Countries in India and Southeast Asia, where over 1.3 billion people live in dengue-endemic areas, are among the most affected. WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization has recommended Takeda’s dengue vaccine for areas with high disease burden and transmission intensity to maximize public health benefits. 

The partnership between Takeda and Biological E. underscores a shared commitment to global health and the fight against dengue. With TAK-003 approved in over 30 countries for the prevention of dengue across all serotypes, and ongoing studies demonstrating its long-term efficacy, this collaboration marks a significant step forward in the global effort to combat this pervasive disease. 

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