WuXi XDC Partners with IntoCell to Boost ADC Discovery and Development

Published January. 24. 2024

WuXi XDC, a prominent global Contract Research, Development, and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) specializing in the ADC and other bioconjugate markets, has officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IntoCell, a Korean biotechnology company dedicated to advancing novel ADC platform technologies. The MOU outlines a comprehensive partnership encompassing drug-linker technology and CRDMO services spanning the entire spectrum from discovery to commercialization.

Dr. Jimmy Li, the CEO of WuXi XDC, expressed his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “The unique drug-linker technologies of IntoCell, combined with our leading open-access platform, form an excellent synergy that facilitates the rapid delivery of pre-clinical candidates, particularly in novel ADC programs. We are pleased to establish this extensive partnership with IntoCell, showcasing WuXi XDC’s commitment to platform development strategy – a commitment to continuous growth and evolution to assist our clients in expediting and transforming the discovery, development, and manufacturing of ADCs and other bioconjugates.”

Tae Kyo Park, the Founder and CEO of IntoCell, also shared his perspective, saying, “Leveraging WuXi XDC’s extensive experience and exceptional capabilities in the CRDMO business, alongside IntoCell’s proprietary drug-linker technology, the collaborative efforts of the two companies will simplify the path for potential ADC development companies to access a range of drug-linker sets in a stable yet fast-cleavable format. We are excited to witness positive progress towards achieving that objective.”


About Wuxi XDC


WuXi XDC Cayman Inc. (stock code: 2268.HK) is a prominent global Contract Research, Development, and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) specializing in antibody drug conjugates (ADC) and the broader bioconjugate market. The company offers comprehensive contract research, development, and manufacturing services for bioconjugates, encompassing ADCs. Its range of services includes the provision of antibody intermediates and other biologics intermediates, chemical payloads and linkers, as well as bioconjugate drug substances and drug products.



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