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The Concept

The Vaccines World Summit 2023 is the premier vaccine conference dedicated to the Indian vaccine manufacturing sector. This event connects leaders in manufacturing, R&D and supply chain from vaccine manufacturing companies to debate best practices in vaccine manufacturing in India, share intelligence and network.

Addressing key hurdles to achieving rapid time to market efficiently, the conference illuminates the road forward for data usage, software and innovative solutions.

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2nd Annual Great Indian Biologics Festival speakers
13th Vaccines World Summit
2023 Agenda At A Glance

Vaccination programs save millions of lives each year globally. With more than 100 million children immunized each year, global immunization coverage has never been higher. Sources indicate that the worldwide market for vaccines is expected to reach USD 48.03 Billion by 2021 from USD 32.24 Billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2016 to 2021. The key drivers driving the growth of this market are a high prevalence of diseases, rising government and nongovernment funding for vaccine development, increasing investments by companies, and increasing focus on immunization programs. With factors such as advances in immunology, genetics, and vaccine technology as well as increased demand from population growth in emerging economies, the global vaccine market is expected to surpass an estimated USD 100 billion by 2025. The economies of developing countries, for example, India is growing at a tremendous speed, and it is expected to grow 10-15% within the next decade. Emerging manufacturers play a critical role in the supply of vaccines of developing countries, particularly basic and some combination vaccines. 30% of UNICEF’s total procurement comes from emerging manufacturers. The decrease in vaccine prices can also be attributed to increased competition and higher production capacities for individual vaccines brought about by the entry of emerging market manufacturers, particularly in the underused vaccines market. Vaccines World Summit, for developing economies, aims to bring together key experts and decision-makers from vaccine manufacturers, governmental organizations, regulators, non-profit organizations, and solution providers together to aid in advancements in this industry with significantly higher collaboration.

COVID-19 Vaccine Action Plan in Asian Countries

Effective Strategies to Produce and Manufacture COVID-19 Vaccine at Scale and Pace

Ramping Up COVID-19 Vaccine Fill & Finish Capacity

Vaccines for Emerging Viral Diseases

Clinical Trial Results from Next- Gen and New Pipelines in the Industry

New Approaches to Evaluating Vaccine Quality Control & Safety

Production and Tech Transfers to Speed Up Local Vaccine Production

Whole-Microbe & Genetic Approach of Vaccine Development

The Way Forward for Vaccine Development and the Challenges Ahead

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​Site Tour to Enzene Biosciences

Enzene is an innovation-driven, technology-led differentiated biotech company from Pune, India, that manufactures Biosimilars and Novel Biologics for domestic and international markets.

Visit R&D Center in Pune India to experience the world class R&D infrastructure that allows access to technologies of the future.

Also, visit Enzene Biosciences Mammalian Manufacturing Unit in Pune, India to learn about the Continuous Bioprocess manufacturing at Enzene and how it can offer varied scientific support to the clients . You can understand how Enzene has end to end development platform from its own proprietary CHO duos cell lines to high throughput upstream and downstream platforms and how Enzene with its comprehensive drug product development capabilities backed by state-of-the-art advanced analytical technologies supports speedy development of pre-clinical and clinical drug candidates. Along with providing fully continuous end to end solutions, they also offer flexibility in terms of adapting to a fed-batch process.

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Updated Home Page Bravovax

It's my pleasure to be a participant in IMAPAC's 11th World Vaccine Summit. This virtual platform supported in exploring more on the current trends on vaccine developments from various manufacturers/ research centters

Home Page Hester Biosciences

Excellent event with with good knowledge-sharing by experienced scientists globally to combat present situation and challenges faced by the vaccines manufacturing industry. Kind hospitality by IMAPAC...Keep it up.

Hester Biosciences Limited
Updated Home Page Instituto Butantan

Talks were very interesting addressing subjects really important such as the balance of Th1 and Th2 cells as immune response of COVID-19 vaccines. I watched a lot watching and rewatching the videos too.

Instituto Butantan