WuXi Biologics Plans to Build a Comprehensive CRDMO Center in Singapore


A cutting-edge, fully integrated CRDMO center of WuXi Biologics will be developed in Singapore, including a large-scale drug substance and drug product manufacturing facility.

Article Summary

With a 10-year investment plan worth USD$1.4 billion (S$2 billion), WuXi Biologics, a global leader in Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing (CRDMO), will expand its research, development, and large-scale manufacturing facilities in Singapore to produce large amounts of drug substances and drug products. Once completed, the new facility is expected to add 120,000L of biomanufacturing capacity to WuXi Biologics’ global network by the year 2026 and employ 1,500 people in research, development, and manufacturing.


This new addition in Singapore will become a critical part of the robust global supply chain network WuXi Biologics has established to fully meet the needs of global clients, following the momentum of continued investments in the U.S., Ireland, Germany and China. The center will also reinforce WuXi Biologics’ Global Dual Sourcing strategy, which ensures that customer projects can be fulfilled at multiple facilities globally to mitigate potential risks.


“Singapore has established itself as one of the most advanced pharmaceutical hubs in the world. As a trusted partner to global healthcare companies and a strong contributor to the local community, WuXi Biologics’ investment in the new CRDMO center will enhance the sustainable growth and success of the Singapore biotech ecosystem and enable the global biologics industry with a more robust supply chain. With the support of EDB and our local partners in Singapore, WuXi Biologics looks forward to moving ahead with this important project to enable global partners and benefit patients worldwide,” commented Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of WuXi Biologics.


The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) supports the WuXi Biologics’ investment plan. “We warmly welcome WuXi Bio’s plan,” said Dr. Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of EDB. “The investments will establish Singapore as a significant node in the company’s global research, development and manufacturing network. It is a testament to Singapore’s position as a global biopharmaceutical hub, and will strengthen our attractiveness to biotech innovators and start-ups.”


About WuXi Biologics

WuXi Biologics is a global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) offering end-to-end solutions that enable partners to discover, develop, and manufacture biologics – from concept to commercialization – for the benefit of patients worldwide. With over 10,000 skilled employees in China, the United States, Ireland, Germany, and Singapore, WuXi Biologics leverages its technologies and expertise to provide customers with efficient and cost-effective biologics discovery, development, and manufacturing solutions. As of the end of 2021, WuXi Biologics is supporting over 480 integrated client projects, including nine in commercial manufacturing.


Source: WuXi Biologics, 19th July 2022