Uzbekistan has established Central Asia’s largest Cold Chain Vaccine Facility



UNICEF has supported the building of supply and cold chain systems at both national and local levels in Uzbekistan, including through mobile teams, for the past four years, thanks to funding from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.



UNICEF handed over the Republican Cold Chain Warehouse, Central Asia’s largest vaccine facility, to the Uzbek Ministry of Health. The opening of this new facility, which will allow the storage of large quantities of vaccines with various temperature requirements, including ultra-cold temperatures, is a critical step toward a more robust immunisation system in the country, supporting the government’s efforts to improve maternal and child health as well as the overall well-being of the population.

The Republican Cold Chain Warehouse has the capacity to keep all vaccinations currently on the market. It has three walk-in cold rooms with a storage capacity of roughly 1,000 m2 (2-8° C), ultracold freezers (3,000 litre capacity), walk-in freezers (40 m3) for vaccine storage, and 1,000 m2 of dry storage for supplementary vaccination supplies. For quick and efficient cargo management, the facility also has electric forklifts, dock shelters, levelling platforms, and lifting mechanisms, as well as being connected to two electric grid mains and equipped with a robust standby diesel generator.

UNICEF has sponsored the development of 21 vaccination warehouses across Uzbekistan since 2017. It also provided refrigerated vehicles, vaccine carriers, and cold boxes, as well as personnel training and other essential rules and instructions for operating the facility.

In the scope of the Country Programme of Cooperation for 2021-2025, UNICEF will continue to assist the Government of Uzbekistan in building national and local capacity in the management, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of supply and cold chain systems.

(Source: UNICEF, November 2021)


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