Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils Closed and Automated Cell Isolation and Bead Removal System to Help Evolve Cell Therapy Manufacturing


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has unveiled the Gibco™ CTS™ DynaCellect™ Magnetic Separation System (DynaCellect) to help cell therapy developers easily move from process and clinical development to commercial manufacturing. 

Article Summary

This next-generation cell isolation, cell activation, cell depletion and Dynabeads™ magnetic beads removal instrument provides a scalable, flexible, automated and closed system to help optimize the cell therapy manufacturing process. As a result, DynaCellect helps ensure the right cells are isolated and failures in manufacturing are minimized. With the cell therapy market poised for rapid growth, this evolution in cell therapy manufacturing can support the commercialization of high performing therapies as well as the development of the next class of cell therapy breakthroughs.

Cell therapy manufacturers utilizing the DynaCellect system can leverage a highly efficient workflow that reliably delivers high-performing target cells. With processing speed and scalability, this technology helps manufacturers quickly optimize their protocol design and move into commercial production. For patients, this means more options for effective new therapies they can trust.

DynaCellect’s automated system delivers robust yet precise cell isolation, cell activation, cell depletion and Dynabeads removal. Using the Gibco CTS DynaCellect Cell Isolation Kit with Gibco CTS Dynabeads CD3/CD28 magnetic beads, cell therapy manufacturers can achieve greater than 86% isolation efficiency of activated target T cells with more than 96% purity while having no effect on cell viability*.


(Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific, 17t October 2022)


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