Seven pharma CEOs announce new joint action to accelerate net zero healthcare


CEOs from AstraZeneca, GSK, Merck KGaA, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Samsung Biologics and Sanofi today announced joint action to achieve near-term emissions reduction targets and accelerate the delivery of net zero health systems. For the first time, the global health sector has come together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) Health Systems Task Force, a public-private partnership launched at COP26.


Article Summary:

The Task Force is taking scalable action to collectively address emissions across supply chains, patient care pathways, and clinical trials. This includes aligning on a set of common supplier standards to incentivise decarbonisation efforts across the supply chain, and jointly pursuing renewable power purchase agreements and green transportation corridors. Task Force members will build an end-to-end care pathway emissions calculation standard and tool that allows stakeholders to measure and track emissions across the care pathway and will publish product-level life cycle assessments (LCA) data to increase transparency on treatment emissions. In addition, a common framework to measure the emissions from clinical trials will be created.

Today, member companies of the Task Force unveiled their shared commitments to decarbonise at pace in three priority areas, which have been identified as drivers of the greatest positive impact in the sector: supply chains, patient care pathways, and clinical trials. Specific actions announced today include:

  1. Recognising that supply chain emissions drive over 50% of overall health care emissions, the Task Force members today announced they are committed to net zero emissions.
  2. There is a significant opportunity to reduce the emissions of patient care, which contribute to approximately 45% of overall health care emissions, while simultaneously improving health outcomes.
  3. The Task Force is committing to leverage digital health solutions to decarbonise clinical trials.


(Source: AstraZeneca, 3rd November 2022)