Sanofi Invests $60 Million in an Eye-Focused Gene Therapy Biotech Company



Sanofi is investing up to $60 million in a UK based gene therapy start up, Gyroscope Therapeutics. The company is developing therapies for a prevalent form of blindness. The funds are raised after the firm announced positive safety data from their gene – therapy (GT005).

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Gyroscope was founded by U.K. based healthcare investment business – Syncona Ltd. Syncona owned 62.2 percent of the company before to the proposed IPO. Syncona’s share decreases to 49 percent after the Sanofi investment, valued at 154 million British pounds ($208 million). 

Sanofi will fund $40 million initially, with a further $20 million in another investment round, according to the terms of the agreement. Gyroscope raised $148 million in a Series C venture financing in March.

Gyroscope is utilising its technique to activate protein that prevent immunological activity that causes dry age-related macular degeneration, or AMD. The most exceptional clinical trial GT005 included patients with the vision loss known as geographic decay. Another trial enrols patients with rare mutation responsible for driving the resistant movement behind this disease.

That first trial’s results have announced early safety and biomarker information. The trial did not report any severe adverse events in 28 patients, however 16 patients experienced mild adverse events identified with the eye injection. Of 13 patients who’ve been followed for 29 weeks post the injection, 11 had raised levels of a key protein and other signs that blocks the immune activity.

First trial is basically intended to evaluate safety and determine the dose for clinical use. The study also measures whether the treatment stops further vision loss. The company is planning for broader study in patients with rare mutation.

(Source: Gyroscope, 8th November 2021)


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