Quezon City in the Philippines Inaugurates its Own Cold Storage Facility for Vaccines and Medicine Distribution


THE Quezon City government has inaugurated its own cold room and storage facility which can store vaccines and medicines with controlled cold temperature requirements, Mayor Josefina “Joy” Belmonte said on Thursday. Belmonte described the facility as a valuable investment of the city’s public health system. 


“This is a manifestation of how important public health is for us. We can say that we have come full circle in addressing this pandemic. From testing, isolating [to] vaccinating and now storing supplies of vaccines for longer shelf life,” she said. The facility can accommodate 20,000 vials in ultra-low freezers, 10,000 vials in chest-type freezers, and 100,000 to 500,000 vials inside the cold storage. Storage duration is until expiry date. 


Being the largest cold room and storage facility under the management and control of a local government, the storage facility will lead to easier transport of vaccines to different vaccination sites in the city, the mayor said.


(ManilaTimes.net, 2021)


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