Mitsubishi Logistics builds blockchain tracker for drug deliveries

Article Summary:

Mitsubishi Logistics has harnessed the power of blockchain to allow clients to track outsourced pharmaceutical shipments, as a way to guarantee the products are kept under proper conditions the whole way.

The company in 2015 launched a refrigerated delivery service that meets stricter standards for the transportation of drugs, called Good Distribution Practice (GDP), which the European Union, Japan and other governments worldwide have been adopting. Its new ML Chain platform allows clients to see when shipments changed hands, as well as their temperature and other information.

Blockchain technology allows the data to be shared widely through the cloud in a way that is tamper-proof. The use of distributed ledgers also means any system problems will not spread to the entire platform, and that the data remains secure.

ML Chain can currently track deliveries from pharmaceutical factories and logistics hubs to wholesalers. Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical is already using it for some of its products.

Mitsubishi Logistics aims to eventually expand ML Chain to cover deliveries from wholesalers to hospitals and pharmacies, as well as international shipments. It sees the platform as a way to help with quality assurance and inventory management, as well as a safeguard against fake drugs.


(Source: NIKKEI Asia, 28th Nov 2023)


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