Kriya Acquires Redpin Therapeutics, Adding Neurology Pipeline to Gene Therapy Portfolio

Kriya Therapeutics, Inc., a fully integrated gene therapy company with a wide range of portfolio of innovative therapeutics, has announced the acquisition of Redpin Therapeutics, Inc., a private biotechnology company developing regulatable gene therapies for intractable diseases of the nervous system.

Article Summary

The acquisition serves as the foundation for Kriya’s neurology therapeutic area portfolio, with two lead gene therapy initiatives focused on epilepsy and trigeminal neuralgia (TN). Redpin’s patented chemogenetics platform can selectively activate or silence disease-causing neurons while preserving healthy cells. Most neurological illnesses now being treated rely on systemically delivered medications or surgical procedures to address local neuron dysfunction. These strategies may, however, be ineffective and have unintended consequences. Chemogenetics, on the other hand, makes use of gene products that are specifically receptive to a particular tiny chemical. With the help of gene therapy, Redpin’s technique expresses modified ion channels that can be modulated by the FDA-approved anti-smoking medicine varenicline to either inhibit or activate a subset of overactive or underactive neurons.

“Redpin’s innovative chemogenetics platform has the potential to transform the lives of patients suffering from intractable neurological conditions,” said Shankar Ramaswamy, M.D., Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kriya. “


(Source: Kriya Therapeutics, 16th November 2022)


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