ILIAS Biologics signed a collaborative research agreement with JW Pharmaceutical


JW Pharmaceutical had signed a joint research contract with bioventure ILIAS Biologics to develop a targeted exosome treatment equipped with a new low molecular weight anticancer drug.

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ILIAS Biologics and JW Pharmaceutical signed a collaborative research agreement to develop an exosome-based small molecular anti-cancer treatment together. 


This agreement was announced after two weeks of ILIAS partnership with HK InnoN, another pharma leader in Korea. ILIAS will maximize these open innovation efforts with two pharma leaders to advance exosome-based solutions for intractable diseases.


Each cell in the human body secretes exosomes, nanoparticle-sized substances. In the past, it was thought of as a waste product from cell metabolism, but as it was discovered it acts as a messenger between cells, it is now being considered for use as a next-generation drug delivery system.


“ILIAS’ exosome platform is the most advanced technology that can load various drugs in free-form and actively target target cells to increase the therapeutic effect. We plan to derive candidates for clinical development that selectively kill cancer cells by applying JW Pharmaceutical’s innovative targeted anticancer drug,” said the co-CEO of ILIAS, Cheol-hee Choi. 


Shin Young-seop, CEO of JW Pharmaceutical, said, “Through joint research with ILIAS, we expect to create new opportunities to commercialize JW’s new drug candidates and find ways to utilize them. We will actively pursue an open innovation strategy to preemptively secure the next-generation pipeline.”


About ILIAS Biologics

ILIAS specializes in developing engineered exosomes by loading large therapeutic payloads inside exosomes via our proprietary platform technology, EXPLOR®. By harnessing the power of our engineered exosomes, ILIAS delivers therapeutic proteins to the undruggable intracellular pathways to treat life-threatening and hard-to-treat diseases.

Source: ILIAS, 14th June 2022


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