German Cold Chain and Biopharma Logistics Firm Hit by Cyber Attack


Billion-dollar logistics firm Hellmann Worldwide Logistics reported a cyberattack this week that forced them to temporarily remove all connections to their central data center. The company said the shut down was having a “material impact” on their business operations. 

The German company operates in 173 countries, running logistics for a range of air and sea freights as well as rail and road transportation services. Air Cargo News, which first reported the attack, said the company had a revenue of nearly $3 billion last year.

In a statement, Hellmann said its Global Crisis Taskforce discovered the attack but outside cybersecurity experts were brought in to help with the response. 

“Operations will be restored step by step, with the security and integrity of the systems as the top priority,” reads the statement.

In an update on 12th December the company recommended clients to reach out to Hellmann via cellphones, as they were as yet unable to guarantee the privacy and security of their IT systems.


(Source:Hellmann, 2021)

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