Domestic Japanese Infrastructure to Secure Stable Supply of Vaccines



Japanese biotech firm Takara Bio Inc. will start producing messenger RNA vaccines on a contract basis possibly from next January, its officials said Thursday November 4th, in a move likely to help cut the country’s reliance on imports for COVID-19 vaccines.

Takara Bio is expected to launch in January a production base capable of manufacturing annually the equivalent of 12 million doses of Pfizer Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine at its factory in Kusatsu in Shiga Prefecture.

The lack of domestic mRNA vaccine supplies caused delays in Japan’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout as it waited for the arrival of doses developed by Pfizer and Moderna Inc. of the United States.

At present, Japan completely depends on imports for its coronavirus vaccine supply.

“We’d like to contribute to the development of domestic infrastructure to ensure a stable supply of vaccines in preparation for the possible future spread of the virus,” a Takara Bio spokesperson said.

(Source: JapanTimes, 2021)


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