Cellares and Poseida Therapeutics Partner to Accelerate Cell Therapy Manufacturing

by Kashmiira Nayar

Cellares and Poseida Therapeutics Partner to Accelerate Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Poseida Therapeutics has joined life sciences technology company Cellares Corporation’s Early Access Partnership Program (EAPP), making it the third organisation to participate. 

Through the program, Poseida gets visibility and access to Cellares’ Cell Shuttle and will help to advance its development, range of use and applicability. The Cell Shuttle is Cellares’ groundbreaking platform allowing for the closed, automated and scalable production of cell therapies. 

“Poseida’s tremendous expertise in the cell therapy space, especially spanning a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, is a huge boon to our developmental efforts. We anticipate our work with Poseida to demonstrate the Cell Shuttle’s adaptability for multiple cell therapy modalities, particularly CAR-T cells,” commented Fabian Gerlinghaus, co-founder and chief executive officer at Cellares. 

Poseida has two autologous CAR-T product candidates in the clinic as well as in development for off-the-shelf versions, for relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma and for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer, while the company also explores various other cell therapy options. 

“The flexibility of the Cell Shuttle matches the breadth of approaches we are developing at Poseida,” said Kerry Ingalls, Chief Operating Officer at Poseida. “To work across our cell therapy portfolio, an automated manufacturing system should be capable of reliably producing a range of therapies autologous and allogeneic CAR-T and in both solid and hematological cancers, for research and at scale for clinical trials and, ultimately, commercial applications. 

Poseida will also evaluate and provide data and written feedback on the Cell Shuttle’s function and performance, to ensure product-market fit. 

About the Cell Shuttle

The Cell Shuttle is flexible and scalable, allowing for a three-fold reduction in process failure and a significant increase in manufacturing scalability as compared to currently available methods, also considerably reducing manufacturing cost as a result.

About Cellares Corporation

Cellares is making groundbreaking developments in cell therapy manufacturing, providing a unique solution to overcome limitations of cost and accessibility in cell therapy. The Cell Shuttle removes the need for a compromise by offering both automation and flexibility in cell therapy manufacturing. For more information, visit www.cellares.com.

(Source: Cision, 14th July 2021)


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