BioNTech Announces Strategic Partnership with UK Government to Provide up to 10,000 Patients with Personalized mRNA Cancer Immunotherapies by 2030


  • The multi-year partnership focuses on three strategic pillars: the development of vaccines for infectious diseases, the expansion of BioNTech’s presence in the UK, and cancer immunotherapies.
  • In the UK, BioNTech plans to create and implement randomised clinical trials with the potential for registration of the Company’s tailored mRNA cancer immunotherapies.
  • First patient to be enrolled in a trial as part of this agreement in H2 2023 thanks to accelerated clinical trial recruitment
  • The establishment of an R&D cluster in Cambridge, United Kingdom, with the goal of hiring more than 70 highly qualified scientists, with the first workers starting in Q1 2023


Article Summary

A Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) was signed by BioNTech and the Government of the United Kingdom (“UK”) in order to expedite clinical trials for personalised mRNA immunotherapies to benefit patients. The agreement aims to provide personalised cancer therapies for up to 10,000 patients by the end of 2030, either in clinical trials or as approved treatments. This goal is a component of a multi-year collaboration that is centred on three strategic pillars: infectious disease vaccines, cancer immunotherapies based on mRNA or other therapeutic classes, and investments into growing BioNTech’s presence in the UK as one of the Company’s core markets.

In accordance with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Company and the UK Government intend to quicken the selection of trial sites and patients for clinical candidates in BioNTech’s pipeline of tailored mRNA cancer immunotherapies and infectious disease vaccines. The parties want to use the UK’s clinical trial network, genetics, and health data assets to accomplish this. The collaboration’s further phases will involve choosing participants, choosing trial locations, and setting up a development plan with the goal of being prepared to enrol the first cancer patient in the second half of 2023. For the Company’s tailored mRNA cancer immunotherapies, BioNTech seeks to develop and implement randomised trials in adjuvant or metastatic settings with registrational potential in the UK.

With more than 70 highly qualified scientists planned to work there, BioNTech intends to invest in a UK Research and Development (“R&D”) centre in Cambridge, with the first project expected to start by the end of the first quarter of 2023. Additionally, the company will expand its presence in the UK by establishing a regional headquarters in London to house personnel working in regional and international supporting roles like Regulatory, Medical, Intellectual Property, and Legal. According to the terms of the Agreement, BioNTech will continue to design the clinical trial protocols and serve as the local sponsor of all ongoing and upcoming clinical studies for its programmes in the UK.


Source: BioNTech


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