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Bio-Thera Solutions Announces Commercialization and License Agreement for BAT1706, a Proposed Biosimilar Referencing Avastin® (Bevacizumab)


Bio-Thera Solutions and Sandoz have entered a commercialisation and license agreement for BAT1706, a monoclonal antibody that is a proposed biosimilar referencing AVASTIN® (bevacizumab). Under the terms of the agreement, Bio-Thera will develop, manufacture and supply BAT1706 and Sandoz will market the bevacizumab biosimilar in markets covered by the agreement. 


Bio-Thera Solutions has entered into a commercialization and license agreement with Sandoz for BAT1706, an anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) monoclonal antibody and a proposed biosimilar referencing AVASTIN® (bevacizumab). BAT1706 has completed extensive biosimilar studies, and BLAs have been filed with NMPA, FDA and EMA. 

Bio-Thera will be responsible for the development, manufacturing and supply of BAT1706, while Sandoz will, upon regulatory approval, commercialize the medicine in the US, Europe, Canada, and other international markets not covered under other BAT1706 partnerships.

Dr. Shengfeng Li, CEO of Bio-Thera Solutions, underlined the company’s corporate strategy on biosimilars in increasing patient access to innovative products like bevacizumab.

BAT1706, a proposed bevacizumab biosimilar developed by Bio-Thera, is a humanised monoclonal antibody that targets VEGF. It can specifically bind to VEGF, blocking it from binding to its receptor, thereby reducing neovascularization, inducing the degradation of existing blood vessels, and thus inhibiting tumour growth. The reference medicine bevacizumab has been approved in the United States and Europe for various indications including certain types of cancer.

About Bio-Thera Solutions, Ltd. Based in Guangzhou, China, Bio-Thera Solutions, Ltd. is a leading commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company researching and developing novel therapeutics for numerous chronic diseases and unmet medical needs, as well as biosimilars for existing, branded biologics targeting cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company has six candidates in late-stage clinical trials, and multiple others in early stage clinical or entering clinical studies.

(Source: Business Wire, 8th September 2021)


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