Adaptimmune Enters into a Strategic Collaboration with Genentech

Adaptimmune Enters into a Strategic Collaboration with Genentech to Research, Develop, and Commercialize Cancer-targeted Allogeneic T-cell Therapies

An agreement between Adaptimmune and Genentech is set to drive “off-the-shelf” cancer-targeted cell therapy advancements and commercialization with an initial payment of $150 million to Adaptimmune. The partnership also aims to develop a first-of-its-kind personalized cell therapy platform to enable patients to receive curated T-cell products for their individual cancer treatment needs. Adaptimmune may be projected to receive over $3 billion in a sum of milestone payments.
Adaptimmune Therapeutics has struck a two-part strategic collaboration and license agreement with Genentech – first, to further the development of allogeneic T-cell therapies for up to five cancer indications, and second, to develop a first-of-its-kind allogeneic personalized cell therapy platform. Drawing from Adaptimmune’s insight from its autologous clinical programs and Genentech’s competency in personalizing therapies and commercialization, the partnership aims to lead the clinical development of tailor-made cell therapy products available to cancer patients based on their individual needs. “It holds the promise to change how we treat cancer and brings us another step closer to making personalized healthcare a reality,” said James Sabry, M.D., Ph.D., global head of Pharma Partnering, Roche. Adaptimmune will develop clinical candidates by leveraging its induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived allogeneic platform to produce T-cells while Genentech will be responsible for the input TCRs and clinical development and commercialisation. In addition to an upfront payment pf $150 million and subsequent $150 million payments over the next five years, Adaptimmune may stand to receive payments amounting to over $3 billion for research, development, regulatory and commercial achievements.
About Adaptimmune
Adaptimmune is a biopharmaceutical company leading advancement in cell therapy products for cancer patients. It engineers T-cells to attack cancerous tumours through its SPEAR platform. The company held a live virtual update on 9th September to discuss upcoming developments and its allogeneic platform. Further information and a replay of this event are available at

(Source: Adaptimmune, 7th September 2021)


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