IVI starts technology transfer to Biological E. Limited to manufacture oral cholera vaccine for India and global markets

Published March. 26. 2024

In March 20, 2024, a significant milestone in global health collaboration unfolded as the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) and Biological E. Limited (BE) embarked on a groundbreaking partnership. This initiative marked the commencement of a technology transfer of the simplified Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV-S) from IVI to BE, a leading Vaccines and Pharmaceutical Company based in India.

The journey began with the signing of a technology license agreement between IVI and BE in November the previous year. With this agreement in place, IVI initiated the transfer of technical information, know-how, and materials necessary for the production of OCV-S at BE facilities. The collaboration aimed to address the urgent need for increased availability of low-cost cholera vaccines, particularly in India and global public markets, amidst a surge of cholera outbreaks worldwide.

Over the months that followed, IVI remained steadfast in its commitment to supporting BE throughout the clinical development and regulatory approval process. The goal was clear: to complete the technology transfer by 2025, ensuring that the oral cholera vaccine would be manufactured and made accessible for India and international markets by Biological E. Limited.

Dr. Jerome Kim, Director General of IVI, emphasized the significance of this partnership in combating poverty-associated infectious diseases like cholera. He highlighted the importance of sustainable access to high-quality, affordable vaccines and lauded BE for its commitment to global health.

Ms. Mahima Datla, Managing Director of Biological E. Limited, echoed Dr. Kim’s sentiments, expressing the company’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and health stewardship. She emphasized the collective effort to shape a healthier and more resilient future by making the cholera vaccine accessible globally.

This technology transfer and licensing agreement marked the sixth of its kind for IVI, showcasing its commitment to transferring vaccine technology to manufacturers worldwide. Dr. Julia Lynch, Director of IVI’s Cholera Program, underscored the critical role of oral cholera vaccines in cholera control and prevention efforts. She highlighted IVI’s ongoing commitment to ensuring vaccine availability and developing new and improved vaccines to address global health challenges.

OCV-S, a simplified formulation of the oral cholera vaccine, holds the potential to lower production costs and increase production capacity for manufacturers. IVI’s development of OCV-S and its ongoing technology transfers are aligned with its institutional strategy to confront cholera and support cholera vaccine use and introduction.

Supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, IVI’s cholera program has been at the forefront of global efforts to combat cholera since 2000. The foundation’s support for this latest technology transfer to BE underscores its commitment to advancing global health initiatives.

As IVI and BE embark on this collaborative journey, they pave the way for a future where access to life-saving vaccines is not just a possibility but a global reality, shaping a world where health equity and resilience are paramount.

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