Hilleman Laboratories Officially Opens US$20 Million Facility in Singapore to Bolster Resilience in Vaccine Manufacturing

Published November. 29. 2023

Hilleman Laboratories inaugurated its ACES current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility in Singapore, representing a US$20 million investment. The 30,000 square foot facility, operational since November 9, 2023, is designed for agile manufacturing of affordable vaccines and biologics. Attended by dignitaries like Singapore’s Minister for Health and key industry figures, the facility, located at Depot Road, emphasizes compliance with local and international regulations. It focuses on supplying clinical trial materials up to Phase II development and holds the capability to pivot for vaccine production during pandemics.

The ACES cGMP facility boasts a compact, configurable design for agile manufacturing, using portable, skid-mounted, single-use systems to ensure adaptability without significant disruption. It facilitates parallel production in controlled isolated suites and employs in-process testing for rapid GMP decision-making. Hilleman Laboratories aims to share its expertise in vaccine and biologics manufacturing to enhance Singapore’s capabilities and resilience against disease outbreaks. Dr. Raman Rao, CEO of Hilleman Laboratories, emphasized the significance of the facility in advancing global public health through innovation and research.

Hilleman Laboratories can now produce scale-up batches and clinical trial materials for local and global research and development partners. The company is actively involved in technology transfers to manufacturers in low- and middle-income countries, aiming to improve vaccine accessibility. The Singapore Economic Development Board, represented by Managing Director Ms. Jacqueline Poh, highlighted the facility’s role in deepening the country’s vaccine manufacturing capabilities to strengthen pandemic resilience. Hilleman Laboratories’ collaboration with A*STAR and investments in vaccine platforms like mRNA and viral vectors demonstrate its commitment to developing affordable, high-value vaccines to meet global public health needs, particularly during outbreaks.


About Hilleman Laboratories

Hilleman Laboratories was established in 2009 as a joint venture between Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC (MSD), a global research-driven pharmaceutical company, and Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation dedicated to human and animal health. Hilleman Laboratories’ mission is to develop affordable vaccines and biologics against infectious diseases that affect low- and middle-income countries.

The company’s expertise in end-to-end product development is targeted at creating novel vaccines and biologics in areas of high unmet need as well as adapting existing vaccines and biologics with more effective delivery tools to meet challenging environments in developing countries. Hilleman Laboratories also seeks to collaborate with local, regional, and global partners and stakeholders, including policymakers and governments, to facilitate wider, affordable access to life-saving vaccines and biologics.


Source: Hilleman Laboratories, 9th Nov 2023

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