20th -
March 2024 | 
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

The Asia Pacific Region鈥檚 Only Vein-to-Vein Logistics Conference for Biologics and Vaccines

20th -
March 2024 | 
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
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The 8th BioLogistics World Asia 2024 is a one-of-a-kind symposium where biotechnology meets logistics, illuminating a path to a healthier, more sustainable future. This agenda unfurls an engaging exploration into the world of BioLogistics, a field instrumental in shaping our global landscape.

Our keynote presentations will journey through the intricating transportation of biological materials, the critical lifeline between lab discoveries and real-world applications. From unveiling the role of BioLogistics in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental science, to a thrilling spotlight on the technologies revolutionizing this field, we aim to spark a fruitful dialogue among thought leaders, innovators, and stakeholders.

Join us in charting the trajectory of this groundbreaking field, as we stand at the crossroads of scientific innovation and logistical excellence.

Biologistics World Asia 2024

This section will address Singapore鈥檚 position as the regional hub for temperature sensitive products and the latest updates on APAC region鈥檚 supply chain technologies

Sustainability has always been an important area in the supply chain to limit the environmental footprint an organisation鈥檚 distribution operations leave behind. This section will look into the integration of sustainable practices into pre-existing processes which requires intricate planning and proper cost management.

CGT is a rapidly growing area in the pharmaceutical industry since it鈥檚 introduction into the APAC region. Given the cost, complexity of manufacturing CGT products and the need to tailor these products based on the patient, it is crucial for the product to be delivered to patients in the optimal condition. This section will address the strategies involved in achieving efficient distribution of CGT products in the APAC region.

Vaccine logistics is always an important topic to look into, especially for Asia due to the large population, lack of infrastructure in emerging countries and also having limited access to certain regions. This section will address the challenges faced in vaccine rollouts, digital platforms to aid vaccine distribution and infrastructure challenges faced.

Supply chain resilience and security plays a crucial part in the pharmaceutical industry as some products are time sensitive and some are needed to keep patients in a stable condition. Because of how unpredictable the current situation is, the local and international supply chain can be severely disrupted if supplies are not diverted or managed properly.

Warehousing plays an important part in the overall supply chain as it involves the storage and distribution of shipments locally and internationally. An efficient warehouse can help cut down delivery time by reducing downtime from sorting, inventory management, picking, shipment transfer, etc. It also maintains tracking and traceability of all inventory and shipments.

This roundtable discussion will have 5 different topics to discuss:

Table 1:聽Overcoming Cold Chain Logistics Challenges During Warehousing and Distribution in Developing Countries

Table 2:聽How Logistics can Influence Product Pricing in a Price Regulated Set-up?

Table 3:聽Maintaining Pharmacovigilance within a Growing Local and International Supply Chain Network

Table 4:聽Key Safety and Efficiency Considerations for CGT Logistics

Table 5:聽How to Achieve Information Transparency throughout the Supply Chain?

Quality and compliance will always be important areas to look into as they serve as key guidelines for supply chain and logistics managers optimise the operations and facilities they manage. This will ensure shipments are delivered on time and kept in optimal condition at all times.

One of the most challenging areas within the supply chain as this is where the product gets delivered directly to the consumer, hospital or product distributor. As the next step after warehousing, it is crucial to ensure the shipments are kept in optimal condition while on the move, and also taking into account the time required to reach their destination. This section will look into the technologies and strategies that can help optimise this process.



Featuring esteemed voices from the biopharmaceutical sector. Our selected experts will share insights on the latest trends, challenges, and developments in this dynamic field. Engage in unique discussions, learn about cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and explore the future of biopharmaceuticals with these influential thought leaders. Don't miss this chance to broaden your understanding of this ever-evolving industry.


Arani Chatterjee

Joint President, Cadila Pharma


Arun Prasath

Director of Strategy and Compliance, Singapore Cord Blood Bank, Singapore


Chloe Wong

Global Deliver Strategy, MSD, Singapore


David Wee

Regional Cargo manager, Asia Pacific, IATA, Singapore


Gautamkumar Bhadanee

Quality Assurance Manager, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, India


Jason Tan

Head of Procurement, Strategic Growth Investments & Engineering (SGIE), Asia Pacific, Lonza, Singapore


John Lester R. Ocampo

Chemist, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine- Biologicals Manufacturing Division, Philippines


Lara Elize Lamigo-Itao

Pharmacist III - Biologicals Manufacturing Division- Storage and Distribution Department, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Department of Health Philippines


Mohit Agarwal

Head of Emerging Markets - SFE, SunPharma, Nepal


Nikkita Johal

Associate Director, Global Compliance Monitoring Gilead Sciences, Singapore


Shaligram Rane

Vice President and Site Quality Head, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, India


Shawn Lim

Head of Emerging Parkets, SFESunPharma, India


Suthira Taychakhoonavudh

Chief Executive Officer, Thailand


Tam Nguyen

Deputy Director of Research

St. Vincent鈥檚 Hospital

Vickram Srivastava

Sun Pharma, Head of Planning


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