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Cell and gene therapy are novel therapeutics that have attracted much attention amongst the global biomedical sectors for the treatment of diseases and physiological conditions due to their promising potential in addressing unmet medical needs.

There is a strong potential in the CGT industry growth from the drivers of robust cell & gene therapies in the pipeline, emerging numbers of CMOs offering vector manufacturing services, increase in strategic acquisitions as well as regulatory support for cell and gene therapy products. With the success of two cell therapies for treating aggressive B-cell lymphomas — Novartis’s Kymriah and Gilead’s Yescarta — and one ex vivo gene therapy, Bluebird Bio’s Zyn- teglo, and more products in the pipeline to come, the blooming cell and gene therapy new modalities will transform the traditional treatment method.

Come to you as a part of the Cell and Gene Therapy World Series, the Cell & Gene Therapy World Summit 2023 brings together CGT players together to discuss and debate the best practices of CGT R&D and Manufacturing while serving as a platform to showcase your latest innovation to the CGT industry leaders!

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Cell And Gene Therapy World Summit 2023

With the success of two cell therapies for treating aggressive B-cell lymphomas — Novartis's Kymriah and Gilead's Yescarta — and one ex vivo gene therapy, Bluebird Bio's Zynteglo, which treats the rare blood disorder beta-thalassemia, and more products in the pipeline to come, Europe is the ultimate region with blooming partnership opportunities & collaboration.

In this edition of Cell & Gene Therapy World Summit 2023, the key challenges and opportunities in enhancing CGT to the market will be addressed. The agenda is built around best practices of pre-clinical and clinical trials of cell and gene therapy products, cell and gene therapy pipeline showcase, advances in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, case studies and success stories sharing, regulatory updates for the purpose of leading cell and gene therapy excellence in the market to next generation CGT treatment approaches.

Pre-clinical and Clinical Development of CGT

Explore different approaches of preclinical and clinical development such as proof-of-concept studies and extensive clinical research along with the latest developments in safety and efficacy, designing and implementing early-phase clinical trials and strategies for patient selection and recruitment. Learn about the pivotal role these processes play in ensuring that cell and gene therapies can be made available to patients as safe and effective treatment options.

Advances in Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Gain the current insights on cell and gene therapy manufacturing, strategies to streamline the manufacturing processes for improved efficiency and reduced cost along with techniques in cell expansion, cell culture and vector production. Find out how these practices accelerate the translation of scientific advancements into robust and reliable manufacturing processes for cell and gene therapies.

Cell & Gene Therapy Case Studies from Europe

Review our collection of case studies highlighting significant achievements in the field of cell and gene therapy from across Europe, such as the development and commercialization of Strimvelis, and the clinical outcomes of Kymriah. These case studies will provide valuable insights for researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals engaged in the development and application of these transformative therapies.

Industry Roundtable Discussion: Revolution & Diversity in Cell & Gene Therapy

Delve into our interactive and informative roundtable discussions which will feature topics from the Lessons from Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Trials, Technology and Innovation in Cell and Gene Therapy, Overcoming Challenges in Commercialization along with Collaboration and Partnerships, Addressing Safety and Efficacy Concerns and The Future of Cell and Gene Therapy to name a few. Facilitated by industry experts, our discussions will provide an opportunity for delegates and speakers to network and connect while gaining the latest and more relevant insights into the cell and gene therapy industry.

Advancement in Gene Therapy: Editing Tools & Vector Design

Identify the advancements in gene editing tools, such as CRISPR/Cas9, that have significantly enhanced the precision and effectiveness of treatments by allowing for precise gene corrections, insertions, or deletions, offering unprecedented opportunities to address genetic diseases at their root cause and the advancements in vector design that have improved the delivery of therapeutic genes to target cells.

Next-Generation Innovative Treatments of Cell & Gene Therapy

Learn about the novel therapies that aim to overcome existing limitations and expand the scope of treatment options for various diseases. Cutting-edge technologies, RNA-based therapeutics and advanced cell engineering are a few of the key innovations included, that are paving the way for more precise and targeted interventions. Find out how these next-generation treatments are poised to provide personalized, durable, and curative solutions for patients, offering hope for improved clinical outcomes and transforming the landscape of healthcare.

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It was great to attend the session physically, and have some exchange with industry players and exchange ideas. Thanks IMAPAC for great organisation!

KOH WEI JET, EVF Project Process Manufacturing Leader

Great forum for face to face interactions and for exchange of ideas and information.

WuXi Biologics
Chris Lee, Site Head, Singapore Development and Manufacturing

A well organized ambitious meeting. I hope it will continue to develop in the future.

GSK Vaccines
Jean-Francois Dierick, Strategic Analytical Validation and Lifecycle Lead, Analytical Research and Development

This conference was long overdue in Singapore and critical to making sure that CCT understands current challenges facing our Asian based clients. This allows us to quickly provide new or turn-key solutions and products that meet their needs.

Cold Chain Technologies
Regional Commercial Director

BMA 2022 was an excellently organised event and as a sponsor, participating was very valuable in meeting new connections and engaging with existing customers & contacts. I would recommend anyone involved in the regional biologics industry to participate in the event.

Ciaran O'Keeffe, Director, Business Development & Channel Sales

With the many restrictions and the need to hold the event onsite and online, I do think this event is well planned and held. Easy registration. Spacious, simple and professional settings. All the staffs are very friendly and helpful too. Thank you!

West Pharmaceutical Services
Sr. Technical Account Specialist

Bioworkshops appreciate the effort IMAPAC invested to restore a strong In-person participation to this hybrid event, bringing together many of the biologics manufacturing leaders from Asia along and global experts.

Bioworkshops Limited
Nick Kotlarski, President, VP of BioManufacturing