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The Concept

The East Asia region is making great progress in developing cell and gene therapy to address and bring hope to the high unmet medical needs. As part of the new wave of advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP), cell and gene therapy biopharmas in the East Asia region has contributed extensive capital investment in research & development of novel therapeutic agents, setting state-of-art manufacturing plants while collaborations are formed between multinational companies to accelerate the progress and developments of cell and gene therapy industry. Growing at a compound growth rate of above 14%, the cell and gene therapy market in East Asia is expected to reach USD 2.9 billion by 2028. Among the countries, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan showed exceptional achievements in R&D of cell & gene therapy products and offered great potential for treatment of various diseases.

In this edition of Cell and Gene Therapy World East Asia, key opinion leaders from major key players in the East Asia region industry come together to discuss carefully researched content to address the challenges and explore opportunities of CAR-T/NK products manufacturing, technologies to develop cell and gene therapy products, best practices of clinical trials, case studies and more. This is the one and only Cell and Gene Therapy conference to help explore collaboration and partnership opportunities in the East Asia region to address life-saving medicine.

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Agenda At A Glance

The pace of activity in cell and gene therapy has not been affected by the massive disruption of COVID-19. Instead, it shows accelerated performance in the past years. More than 50 products worth over USD 16 billion have been licensed and not to mention the total financing of regenerative medicine has doubled to $20 billion which shows a 50% increase from the year before. Despite the attention given to cell and gene therapy, hurdles are obvious in the sense of unclear regulatory guidelines and standards, lack of manufacturing capacity and challenges in clinical trial site management.

To address these issues, C-levels, Directors, Heads of cell and gene therapy from leading biopharma in East Asia region come under one roof to discuss and debate the best practices of clinical trials of CAR-T products, advances in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, case studies and success stories sharing, regulatory updates for the purpose of leading cell and gene therapy excellence in the market.

Clinical Trials of CAR-T Products from East Asia

Novel therapies undergo extensive studies and trials which can be incredibly difficult. Pain points within the current clinical framework of developments for cell and gene therapy due to the rapid pace of the industry will be discussed on top with solutions and sharing by regulators to address the requirements and guidelines for optimizing clinical trials outcome.

Advances in Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Explore the showcase and debate session about the latest breakthroughs in advancing engineering and large scale manufacturing of next generation therapies from the key opinion leaders.

Scale Out Strategies & Cost Optimization for Cell & Gene Therapy

Exciting topics and sharing on how to tackle the issue of costs in cell and gene therapy manufacturing through effective plant design optimization, platform approach and process optimization for a shorter timeline to market and commercialization.

Cell & Gene Therapy Case Studies from East Asia Region

Listen from the emerging biopharma about their success stories sharing through case studies to replicate the formulas and strategies for effective planning and implementation of novel therapies manufacturing.

Advances in CAR-T/NK Cell Manufacturing

From core capabilities including cell line development, process development, analytical method development, find out how to achieve faster and better path to IND filings and successful BLAs with the support from CMO/CDMO.

Regulatory Considerations and ATMPs Updates

Despite the advances of cell and gene therapy, they are still considered as a relatively new form of therapy and hence the regulatory approval, guidelines and documentation for filing are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of the industry. We have experts from the regulatory sector to lead you through the latest frameworks and keep you updated!

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