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The Concept

The Biologistics World Asia Conference 2022 is the Asia Pacific region’s only vein-to-vein logistics conference for biologics and vaccines. This event connects heads of supply chain and logistics, leaders in manufacturing, quality, warehousing, procurement and planning from Biopharma, Biologics, Vaccine Manufacturers, Cell and Gene Therapy, CAR-T and Biomedical device companies to debate best practices in biologistics in Asia, share intelligence and network.

Addressing key hurdles to achieving rapid and efficient cold chain management from well- equipped biologistics hubs throughout Asia Pacific, Biologistics World Asia illuminates the road forward for data usage, software and innovative solutions that can eliminate wastage, improve handling and prevent temperature deviation.

This 3-day event features a 2-day conference and pre-conference workshop day featuring two half-day workshops, two or more laboratory tours and interactive sessions as well as the Biologistics Asia Awards. Biologistics World Asia 2022 features market researched and tested content carefully developed to help leading organisations decide the partnerships needed to equip the region, its life sciences companies and populations with world-class storage and distribution of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, blood banks and other biologic products.

In 2022, for the first time, the Biologistics World Asia Asia 2022 will be delivered in a hybrid event format, combining an in-person conference experience with a virtual component.

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Agenda At A Glance

By 2024 experts predict that five out of the top ten best-selling drugs will require refrigerated storage and handling. Meanwhile, the biopharma industry loses approximately $35 billion annually due to failures in temperature control logistics. The popularity of highly targeted biologic drugs fuels a huge growth in the market, along with the lapsing patents of several foundational biologic drugs that promises to spur the biosimiliars market which is poised to grow by by $ 31.40 bn during 2021-2025. However the biopharma industry loses approximately $35 billion annually due to failures in temperature control logistics. Estimates suggest that up to up to 200,000 pallet shippers and 15 million cooling boxes as well as 15,000 flights will be required across the various supply chain setups.

VPs and Heads of Supply Chain, Logistics and Cold Chain Management from vaccine manufacturers, biopharma and biologics companies from APAC and the rest of the world will meet with each other as well as other technology and solution providers and global experts to evaluate the latest strategies, technologies and solutions in building a technologically enhanced high-speed and resilient vein-to-vein supply chain fit-for-purpose for the boom in temperature sensitive biologics moving through Asia’s clinical trials and markets.

Partnerships and Hubs

Explore comprehensive biologistics partnerships built to last, insights into creating strong and resilient supply chains throughout Asia that can withstand future epidemics, pandemics and other forms of disruption, specialised cold chain hubs with contingency and backup plans, and efficient distribution of biologic products.

Raw Materials Procurement

Unpack the best practices in materials procurement within a vein-to-vein supply chain where even ingredients are temperature and time-sensitive. Pre- empting raw material shortages by crunching data, meeting materials requirements throughout complex biologistics routes by maintaining a coherent and secure chain of identity.

Global Clinical Trial Supply Chains

As clinical trial supply chains become not only more global but more temperature-sensitive and require even more cold chain management with a high degree of reliability and accuracy, access insights into maintaining visibility and control over the chain of custody as you manage your clinical trial.

Quality and Regulatory Requirements

Gain insights into the stringent quality requirements prevalent in biologistics, export and import requirements that can cause delays unless proactively and carefully managed and prepared for, and regulations that can influence the supply chain.

Wastage Prevention

Identify innovative strategies to prevent the problem of wastage that costs biologistics companies billions every year, minimising waste by ensuring connected sensors, tracking and handling SOPs are observed during shipping, tackling wastage in the last mile by guaranteeing the right equipments and speeding up processes.

Packaging, Labelling and Assembly

Immerse in up-to-date packaging, labelling and assembly insights including automation, dealing with potential fill and finish shortfalls, exploring diversification with RTU (Ready-to-Use) vials and moulded glass and more.

Cold Chain Logistics Towers

Deciding the future of your biologistics hub control system with efficient inventory maintenance, tracking across the supply chain and digitalising cold chain intelligence as well as centralising your visibility over temperature control and shipping with cloud-based control towers.

Refrigerated Shipping

Take the cold room on the move by securing biologistics packages for shipping, thoroughly monitoring cold boxes in-transit with innovative refrigerated trucking, minimising biologics wastage by ensuring connected sensors, tracking and handling.

Cold Storage Real Estate

Uncovering how to build quality and redundancy into cold storage real estate, or else how to take advantage of what you can lease and use as well as cascading SOPs, technology and backup plans to multiple sites and staff.

National Logistics Masterplans

The ultimate focus on how a vaccination and logistics cold chain masterplan at the national level can roll out, what can go wrong and how to overcome the challenges when it comes to getting jabs into arms and maintaining visibility of the entire supply chain at a country scale with government digital information systems.

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