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The Concept

The Biologistics World Europe Conference 2022 is the European region’s premier vein-to-vein logistics conference for biologics and vaccines. This event connects heads of supply chain and logistics, quality management, leaders in warehousing, procurement and planning from Biopharma, Biologics, Vaccine Manufacturers, Cell and Gene Therapy, CAR-T and Biomedical device companies to debate best practices in biologistics throughout Europe, share intelligence and network.

Addressing key hurdles to achieving rapid and efficient cold chain management from well-equipped biologistics hubs throughout the continent, Biologistics World Europe illuminates the road forward for data usage, quality management, software and innovative solutions that can eliminate wastage, improve handling and prevent temperature deviation.

Biologistics World Europe 2022 will feature market researched and tested content carefully developed to help leading organisations participate in life-critical supply chains at a high level of efficiency and quality.

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Agenda At A Glance

Within Europe, Germany is forecast to grow at approximately 4.4% CAGR in terms of the Refrigerated Transport Equipment Market.

Germany is the world’s leading medical biotech nation behind the US measured by scientific research, but the commercialisation of research could be improved.

Germany developed biotech clusters which have grown into leading research and development (R&D) hubs. Each region specialises in certain fields and there is healthy collaboration between companies, universities and R&D institutes.

The opportunities extend beyond coronavirus vaccines. Scientific and technological breakthroughs are on the horizon in areas such as targeted protein degradation, cell antigene therapies to customise drugs and monoclonal antibodies being modified in new ways

By 2024 experts predict that five out of the top ten best-selling drugs will require refrigerated storage and handling. Meanwhile, the biopharma industry loses approximately $35 billion annually due to failures in temperature control logistics. The popularity of highly targeted biologic drugs fuels a huge growth in the market, along with the lapsing patents of several foundational biologic drugs that promises to spur the biosimiliars market which is poised to grow by by $ 31.40 bn during 2021-2025. However the biopharma industry loses approximately $35 billion annually due to failures in temperature control logistics. Estimates suggest that up to up to 200,000 pallet shippers and 15 million cooling boxes as well as 15,000 flights will be required across the various supply chain setups.

Freight Forecasting

Improve accuracy in freight forecasting and route contingency planning for biologics drug delivery in a period of clogged logistics, uncertain availability of containers and sky high freight rates. Discover how supply chain teams can mitigate for the costs and lack of certainty with the right planning and back-up plans.

Visibility During Transit:

Reduce uncertainty and minimise unpleasant surprises by ensuring oversight of your shipment throughout its journey, with track, trace and monitoring for temperature, geolocation and shocks sustained.

Raw Materials Procurement:

Unpack the best practices in materials procurement within a vein-to-vein supply chain where even ingredients are temperature and time-sensitive. Pre-empting raw material shortages by crunching data, meeting materials requirements throughout complex biologistics routes by maintaining a coherent and secure chain of identity.

Quality and Regulatory Requirements

Gain insights into the stringent quality requirements prevalent in biologistics, export and import requirements that can cause delays unless proactively and carefully managed and prepared for, and regulations that can influence the supply chain.

Packaging, Labelling and Assembly

Immerse in up-to-date packaging, labelling and assembly insights including automation, dealing with potential fill and finish shortfalls, exploring diversification with RTU (Ready-to-Use) vials and moulded glass and more.

Cold Chain Digitalisation

Deciding the future of your biologistics hub control system with efficient inventory maintenance, tracking across the supply chain and digitalising cold chain intelligence as well as centralising your visibility over temperature control and shipping with cloud-based control towers.

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