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The Concept

Moving into the 10th edition, Biologics World Taiwan has Biologics World Taiwan has firmly established itself as Taiwan's THE biopharmaceutical gathering for new partnerships, ideas and knowledge. Biologics World Taiwan has witnessed huge success in bringing over 300 biologics industry pioneers from both Taiwan and overseas. With the mission to facilitate the development and manufacturing of high-quality biologic drugs, vaccines, stem cells, and regenerative medicines in Taiwan for the world market, Biologics World Taiwan is going to continue its legacy. We are proud to continue the meeting platform where Taiwan's growing biopharma industry is at the forefront, receiving more and more global attention on its fast advancement in new biologics drug R&D and biomanufacturing.

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2022 Program

While China, India, and Korea are leading the pack in the Asian region for biologics, Taiwan has also been stepping up its efforts to boost its biologics sector and capture a share of the global market. Biologics World Taiwan 2022 provides the FIRST and ONLY platform for senior decision-makers who will influence the future of Taiwan’s biologics industry. Taiwanese and international biopharmas, biotechs, CMOs, CROs, and solution providers will convene to discuss strategic issues, leverage partnerships, share best practices, and capitalize on the potential of Taiwan’s growing biologics industry.

In addition, this year, speakers will be exploring must-see innovations from Taiwan, best practices of clinical development & trials, upstream process optimization, speed up downstream process, cost reduction, process optimization strategies to maintain competitiveness as well as understand the best practices in biologics drug packaging.

Best Practices of Clinical Development & Trials

Explore the best practices of clinical development & trials with the ultimate goal of bringing new biologics products with proven therapeutic effect to the market. Learn how important the transition of preclinical research to clinical stages can mark a critical turning point of new biologics development.

Biomanufacturing Best Practices & Process Development and Optimization

Process optimization is the key success factor to develop biomanufacturing practices with high productivity and reduced cost. Immerse in the latest technology from Taiwan about the key practices to enhance productivity and speed in producing biologics.

Biologics CMO Case Studies

The emerging CMO leaders from Taiwan are about to share their success stories with valuable insights and case studies to deliver the next generation manufacturing capabilities that Taiwan is providing to the world in making first class biologics products that can save millions of lives.

Global Case Studies on Antibody & Protein Therapeutics

Antibody and Protein therapeutics are emerging as the most promising class of diagnostics to treat diseases in humans. Innovative sharing and case studies of effective antibody and protein treatments will be shared by the experts.

Optimizing Clinical Trial Management & Quality Control

Innovative strategy of assay optimization, real time monitoring system with highest compromisation to quality control of biologics products to a direction of improving efficiency while advocating process automation are the keys to quicker market commercialization and regulatory compliance. Topics built around cost and process optimization with latest developments in analytics and quality to foster biologics enhancement.

Case Studies on Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicines from Taiwan

Gain insights on the latest case studies of stem cell and regenerative medicine and recognize the potential of the cell and gene therapies.

Advances in CAR-T Cell Therapy Development

Explore the latest CAR-T cell therapy advancements with impressive and effective solutions for antitumor treatments, especially against hematological malignancies from Taiwan's key leaders in the CAR-T cell therapy industry.

Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Best Practices

Immerse in the best practices of cell & gene therapy products from the innovative showcase of the Taiwan market while considering the key factors and strategy that can lead to successful scale up and manufacturing of the products.

Cell & Gene Therapy Commercialization Strategies

Listen to the key industry leaders of cell & gene therapy about their success stories of making the commercialization of the products a successful ones while replicating the strategies of effective manufacturing and commercialization in the market.

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