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The virtual conference was very good! Looking forward to the LIVE event in Pune,India.


The event was very good and insightfull!

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Thank you for the wonderful discussions with the experts. We learned a lot. Thank you and hoping for more IMAPAC experiences.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine
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The Concept

Home to the second-largest pharmaceutical market in the world, Japan has poised itself as one of the most lucrative biotech hubs in Asia and worldwide. Over recent years, the Japanese biologics market has opened its doors to both foreign companies entering the Japanese market and companies investing abroad. Japan’s biopharma sector has had a keen eye on alliance opportunities in markets beyond its borders and although the nature of its sector is a cautious one, its move towards transparency and international collaboration provides bountiful opportunities that both the domestic and international players stand to benefit from.

The key drivers driving the growth of the biologics industry in Japan are the formation of numerous bio-clusters that house world-class universities with cutting-edge technologies and know-how, excellence in the implementation of automation technology, huge amounts of financial support for orphan drugs, tax breaks, and subsidies for new entrants in the market, the government’s push for the creation of technologies and services, and development of the supporting infrastructure. Factors hindering the growth of the biopharmaceutical industry mainly are from the bioprocessing side including high manufacturing complexities expensive purification processes and other challenges across the bioprocessing value chain. Meanwhile trials and roll outs for COVID vaccines and antivirals will position Japan at the forefront of crucial life-saving initiatives.Agenda of the BMK 2022 is built around success stories from korea’s biopharmas as well as the technical expertise from international biopharmas and big pharmas, presentations on the latest manufacturing technologies such as single-use and end-to-end continuous processing for biologics, today’s challenges and opportunities in biomanufacturing, advances in upstream process development, cost-optimization strategies in downstream processing, analytical characterization strategies, advanced bioprocessing technique and antibody production, fill & finish innovation to streamline the operations amongst other crucial themes.

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Agenda at a glance

Japanese Biologicals Competing in the Global Market

Driving Investment in Japanese Biologicals

Upstream Bioprocessing

Gene Therapy Process Development

Drug Pricing and Logistics

AAV Vector Manufacturing

Downstream Bioprocessing and Fill & Finish and Packaging

CAR-T/ NK Cell Manufacturing