The Concept

Asia-pacific Vaccine Excellence Awards 2022

exists to recognize the Asian vaccine manufacturing community and the achievements it has made over the past year. The industry has displayed resilience and innovation in the face of the COVID pandemic and the needs of the vaccine rollout, and continues with R&D excellence.

The purpose of AVEA2022 is to recognize the outstanding achievements of vaccine & supply chain experts, organizations, and the newest technologies in Asia. Featuring top vaccine industry leaders, along with the latest advances in technologies and best practices in R&D and manufacturing, the Asia Pacific Vaccine Excellence Award applauds extraordinary leaders & trendsetters of today and inspires the innovators of tomorrow. The Awards Ceremony will be held in conjunction with the 4th Annual Vaccines World Asia Congress 2022 Virtual Conference, which will be held from 9-10 November 2022.

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How it works?

IMAPAC, the organizing committee of AVEA 2022 has called for nomination from IMAPAC vaccines community for different vaccine award categories. All entries and nominations were considered and submitted to the judging panel and market research team from IMAPAC. Based on the number of nominations and assessment, the top 5 entries under each category were shortlisted. From the top 5 entries, the award winner will be determined by 100 % voting results from the public or bioprocessing community.

Download AVEA2022 Award Winner Handbook Download AVEA2022 Awards Handbook
#AVEA Timeline
Start Of Nomination Period

14th July 2022

End Of Nomination Period

12th September 2022

Start Of Voting Period

12th September 2022

End Of Voting Period

10th October 2022

Cocktail & Awards Ceremony

9th/10th November 2022

Award Categories
  • Main Award Categories – Year 2022

    Vaccine Excellence in Temperature Control Packaging Vaccine Excellence in Last-Mile Implementation
    Asia’s Best 3PL for Vaccine
    Best Recognition for COVID-19 Vaccines
    Company to Watch Out for in 2022
    Best CEO of the Year
    Best Vaccine CMO of the Year
    Excellence in Vaccine Manufacturing
    Most Innovative Vaccine Delivery System
    Excellence in Fill & Finish
    Vaccine Excellence in Cold Chain Management
    Lifetime Achievement Award
    Best Vaccine CRO of the Year

Why Enter?

Build your profile

The Awards provide a platform to share your passion and showcase your business.


Recognise your team

You and your team work hard every day, and the Awards provides an opportunity to celebrate.


Learn and network

Join a growing network of successful business leaders, share knowledge and learn from experts.

Fees & Payment

Is there an application or registration fee payable to submit an application?
No application or registration fee will be involved in submitting an application.

What is the cost for the Award Winner’s Exclusive Package?

We will charge a small fee for the Award Winner’s Exclusive Package

Pre-Submission of Application

Are there any consultants that we can engage to prepare the application?

You may reach out to:
Kellie Chua(Awards Coordinator) e: [email protected]

[email protected]

Charmaine Poh(Senior Business Development Manager)
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 65 6983 6133

if you need help or if you have any questions about submitting an application. We will reach out to you to help you with your application.

Receiving the shortlisted email & letter from IMAPAC, does it indicate that my company is being rewarded?

If you have received an email from IMAPAC to inform you that your company is being shortlisted as one of the nominees for the award category, this indicates that your company is qualified to proceed to the next stage of industry voting.

I have participated in the past years. Can I participate again?

You can, indeed! The participation of previous award winners and nominees is actively encouraging to participate in the current year's award again. Through completed assessments, the company will be able to comprehend its competitive position in the industry.

After Submission of Application

Are there any supporting documents to be submitted?

It is not required to submit any supporting documentation. Any further materials provided will solely be utilized for reference purposes only.

How long will the nomination process take?

You may refer to the respective award website on the award timeline

Are information, documents and materials submitted kept confidential?

Information, materials, and supporting documents are kept absolutely private and secret and will only be used by the research analyst team from IMAPAC.

How will we be notified of the assessment result?

The award organizing committee will only notify if you are being shortlisted as one of the nominees and if you are the award winner for the award category.

Post-Awards Ceremony

What can I expect?

You will be able to download a post-event report, and have access to the pictures taken during the ceremony.

If I want to send out a PR statement, do I need to go through the IMAPAC Awards Team?

Yes, you will need to. This ensures consistency and we will be able to send you any additional supporting documents if required.

I have been interviewed as I won the awards, where will my interview be released at?

You will be able to view the interview on IMAPAC's LinkedIn Page.