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Advancing Cancer Immunotherapy: Cartherics and TiCARos Collaborate on CLIP-CAR Technology

Published April. 12. 2024

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing cancer treatment, Cartherics Pty Ltd (“Cartherics”), a pioneering biotechnology firm specializing in immune cell therapies, has announced a collaborative research agreement with TiCARos Co Ltd (“TiCARos”). The partnership aims to explore the potential of Cartherics’ induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived natural killer (NK) cells enhanced with TiCARos’ proprietary CLIP-CAR technology.

TiCARos is renowned for its innovative chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell products designed to combat solid and blood cancers. Their breakthrough CLIP-CAR (Clamping-based Immunological Synapse Potentiating CAR) technology enhances the interaction between immune cells and tumour cells, promising improved efficacy both in vitro and in vivo. In this collaboration, TiCARos will adapt its CLIP-CAR approach to NK cells, a novel venture that holds immense therapeutic potential.

Under the agreement, TiCARos will develop a range of CLIP-CAR constructs tailored for incorporation into Cartherics’ NK cells. These modified cells will undergo rigorous evaluation to assess their performance in both laboratory settings and animal models. Each party has designated a specific tumour antigen for targeting: Cartherics will focus on tissue factor (TF), while TiCARos will assess CD19.

JW Lee, CEO of TiCARos, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the opportunity to expand their technology beyond autologous cell therapies. Lee emphasized the potential to accelerate pipeline programs and broaden the scope of TiCARos’ technology, particularly in solid tumour therapy. This partnership signifies a strategic move towards advancing cancer immunotherapy and addressing the unmet needs of patients with challenging-to-treat cancers.

Pending the outcomes of the collaborative research, both parties will engage in negotiations for a development and commercialization agreement. This agreement will encompass the utilization of background technologies and any jointly-owned intellectual property resulting from the project, underscoring the commitment to mutual success and innovation.

Professor Alan Trounson AO, CEO of Cartherics, underscored the significance of merging cutting-edge technologies like CLIP-CAR with Cartherics’ allogeneic NK cell platform. He emphasized the potential impact of an effective CLIP-CAR targeting tissue factor, particularly in triple-negative breast cancer and other refractory malignancies. The collaboration exemplifies Cartherics’ dedication to partnering with leading-edge companies and academic institutions worldwide to build an extensive portfolio of cancer therapeutics.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Cartherics and TiCARos heralds a new era in cancer immunotherapy, marked by innovative approaches and synergistic partnerships. As research progresses, the prospect of translating these advancements into transformative treatments offers hope to patients and underscores the collective commitment to conquering cancer.

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Source: https://cartherics.com/news/cartherics-enters-into-collaborative-research-agreement-with-ticaros/

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