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A Guide: Biopharma Marketing Trends In 2022

Published July. 14. 2022
A Guide Biopharma Marketing Trends In 2022

A Guide: Biopharma Marketing Trends In 2022

There is almost no industry that has not been impacted by Covid-19. Pharmaceutical firms are no exception. Pharmaceutical companies are at the forefront of the battle, from supply chain management to addressing medicine development issues.

Pharmaceutical companies, however, have grown dramatically in response to the rising demand for their services. When developing a new drug or medical device, find and contact the right pharmaceutical experts. You can use pharma data intelligence to put your new drugs and therapies in the spotlight. Pharma data offers precise insights to help you reach key decision-makers in the biopharmaceutical market.

It is difficult to target, reach, and engage the right pharma experts who discover the right bio-drug for healthcare centers in today’s world. You’ll need to approach the right pharma companies if you’re looking for pharma experts or drug procurement capital for your clinical practice.

Reach out to the right pharma experts and access Imapac’s pharma data. However, to improve their business and build their brand, they must abandon tired pharma marketing trends and adopt a patient-centric approach.

By 2023, digitalization will have permeated all aspects of life. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies are concerned with maintaining closer connections with their customers. Overall, proper implementation of advanced marketing trends can bring about a revolutionary shift in the pharmaceutical industry.

Data loss prevention, flexible and adaptable service, cybersecurity, and quality and operational control are just a few benefits of advanced marketing trends. Many cutting-edge marketing trends have the potential to completely transform your pharmaceutical company.

Let’s have a look at the most popular trends in Pharma marketing to watch in 2022:

  • Marketing Automation & AI
  • Telehealth & Online Patient Care
  • Online Video Engagement
  • Google Featured Snippets
  • Expanded use of RWE
  • Marketing Automation & AI

Pharma companies worldwide perform various tasks, including tracking and engaging with individual buyers, prioritizing customers based on their interests, filtering leads based on engagement, and measuring the revenue contribution of marketing campaigns.

On top of that, performing these tasks manually is time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. However, utilizing marketing automation and AI in the pharmaceutical industry will provide a critical solution to several healthcare-related issues.

Marketing automation examines customer behavior and content consumption across multiple platforms, including social clicks and page views. As a result, the emphasis shifts to engagement and enables pharma companies to personalize and templatize content to maintain customer interest. Furthermore, it enables the company to use automated chats and email campaigns to provide a value-driven customer experience that improves management effectiveness.

  • Telehealth & Online Patient Care

Telehealth is yet another marketing trend that has exploded in the Covid-19 era. Many organizations and businesses are using telemedicine and online patient care to expand their operations.

It allows you to reach more patients. Furthermore, the telehealth platform no longer necessitates large upfront costs, and it is inexpensive and simple to obtain. A customer only needs an internet connection and a mobile device. It also has other benefits, such as increased patient engagement through remote monitoring, improved clinical workflows, advanced business models, and increased patient satisfaction.

Telehealth and online patient care are more than just the delivery of a service, and it increases your customer base by convincing them that you genuinely care about them.

  • Online Video Engagement

Who doesn’t enjoy visuals, whether it’s the 1990s or 2022? And by 2022, online video engagement will be one of the marketing trends that are catching people’s attention.

In today’s technologically advanced world, every business and company has a social media profile and a website. And this is one of the most efficient ways for them to scale their business and inform their customers about it. Patients and customers must believe what you are offering before committing to your services. And video engagement can help you gain their trust.

Medical video content can assist you in naturally and efficiently demonstrating your service, capabilities, results, and practice method. It also allows you to optimize your content based on customer needs. Optimization assists you in expanding your customer reach and scaling your business. The more visible you are in the market, the more customers will invest in your company.

  • Google Featured Snippets

Google features snippets are one of the game-changing marketing trends that will help you rank higher in organic traffic. And you don’t have to be the best in your field to do so. All you need to do is create high-quality content and format it in the way that search engines prefer.

Furthermore, while this is a significant challenge, it is achievable by making your content snappable so that Google recognizes your link and ranks you higher. You can improve the readability of your content by including feature snippets in the form of paragraphs, text, and lists. You can also improve your content’s visibility by keeping an eye on your competitors’ ranking snippets.

This gives you an advantage in learning what customer demands and how your business can benefit them the most.

  • Expanded use of RWE

The covid-19 pandemic has heightened the pharmaceutical industry’s need for Real-World Evidence (RWE). Furthermore, more receptive and expanded use of RWE is required to accelerate health research and development. Pharma companies are struggling to prioritize the best action strategy due to a lack of data and analytics.

However, implementing RWE in the pharmaceutical industry would result in more cost-effective and faster drug development. RWE helps businesses understand biological pathways and unmet needs. As a result, the clinical development cycle costs and time are reduced. RWE also creates a guide map that indicates a patient’s location, such as who is benefiting from a specific drug or who has a specific disease.

This allows clinicians to prioritize their medical research in terms of drug development.


Biopharma marketing is rapidly changing in response to customer expectations; thus, proper and timely implementation of advanced marketing trends is critical in building and retaining your business in this competitive market.

It is critical to have accurate data insights in order to target and reach the leading pharma companies in the United States. You can reach the target market and maximize business potential by using Imapac pharma’s email list.

Furthermore, pharma data can help you identify market opportunities and the expert who discovers the right medicines for your treatment facilities. Imapac can always assist your company in keeping up with the times by providing intelligence on Key Decision Makers in the Healthcare Industry that you require to accelerate your business growth.

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