Why Join Us

First, you might ask, why join a conference business? Is it a growing industry? Can I grow with it?

“In a world where our attention is too often focused downward at our devices, we are missing an essential piece of the human experience. Only when we are face to face, able to look one another in the eyes, can we form the kinds of connections that expand our world views, deepen our self-awareness, and ultimately lead to our greatest achievements and most meaningful moments.”

– Brian Grazer: ‘Face to Face: The Art of Human Connection’

More important than ever, face to face human interactions drive business growth and expansion! And businesses that facilitate this are here to stay! And we are lucky to be part of it!

Now you’ve decided conference businesses are cool, so why IMAPAC?

If you want to make money, build a business,
If you want to make a difference, build a school,
If you want to leave a legacy, build a team!

Imapac is a business, a school, and a family! And most importantly, we are a team! And we make beautiful, impactful and meaningful conferences!

Besides our mission to make the best product for a good cause, we strive to provide exceptional career development experiences and hope to unleash the full potential of our talents.

We know talents are our greatest assets, we only grow if our talents do! We are 100% committed to equip our team with comprehensive in-house induction and mentorship programme as well as external leadership trainings.

We are proud to say that our core leadership team are all groomed from within.

What does the IMAPACTERS’ say?

We love having creatives, scientists, misfits, artists, hustlers, designers, developers and dreamers to join our family. We have trained and given opportunities to members to become their best selves. We have committed ourselves for the betterment of the diversity and inclusion of the company by cultivating a reasonable, listening, caring and inspiring culture to be practiced. Our employees have opportunities to travel around the world as part of their jobs, learn new skills, sharing their stories and experiences with one another. We welcome anyone who would love to make an impact and are ambitious into joining us.

Did we forget to mention that we also have loads of fun?

Apply in confidence today if this sounds like you:

Enterprising: Someone with business acumen and a commercial sense, you seek opportunities beyond your scope of work and are excited about trying new ways of working.

Pro-Active: Someone that thinks ‘solution’ and not ‘problem’ – you are constantly coming forward with suggestions, ideas and creative ways to overcome challenges.

Resilient: Someone that is able to easily recover and learn from difficult situations and experiences – you don’t let failures define who you are, but view them, instead, as stepping stones to success.

Diligent: Someone who makes his work ‘his own business’ – you have ownership of your projects/ tasks, and are concerned with the overall progression of your projects and the company, and not just about performing your tasks well!

Confident: Someone who is not afraid to question the status quo – you are bold and outspoken and are not afraid to challenge authority on methods or procedures that you don’t believe to be right or beneficial.

Committed: Someone who is responsible, dedicated, and thorough – your job features high on your priority list and you are willing to make sacrifices and go out of your way to deliver a good product!

Positive: Someone who’s enthusiastic, cheerful,  and always looking on the bright side of every situation. You are hopeful and optimistic no matter what the situation and circumstance.

Self-Motivated: Someone who determines his self-worth not by the appreciation of superiors, but by the accomplishment of goals – you don’t work for your monthly paycheck or your yearly appraisal, but for your personal and professionals development, and to make a difference in the business you’re in!