Vaccines In-Conversation

Over a billion doses have been given out in over 130 countries, but production and supply have become major roadblocks to worldwide access and equity. Countries are looking to production estimates and delivery schedules to understand which vaccine they will have and when. The manufacturing landscape is highly dynamic, both expanding and contracting daily. New collaborations, including among competitors, have exponentially increased capacity, while production optimization and scaling challenges, as well as limited availability of certain raw materials, have resulted in projection reductions. This live-moderated interview comes to you as part of the 3rd Annual Vaccine World Asia Congress 2021 & Global COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing & Supply Chain Summit.  Representatives from DCVMN (India) and Vaxine Pty Ltd (Australia) will share their insights on the following and much more!

Featured Speakers

Nikolai Petrovsky, Chairman and Research Director of Vaxine Pty Ltd

Dr. Li Yanfeng, Head of IVD Business Development, GenScript.

3rd Annual Vaccine World Asia Congress 2021

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FAQs: Clarify Your Doubts!

Which platform is being used to host the interview?

We will be streaming the interview on our Youtube Live account. Details on how to tune in will be shared with registered attendees.

How do I log on and view the interview?

Choose an interview you would like to attend and complete the registration process on the interview webpage. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon registration, which will contain the details on how to tune into the interview session.

How long is each interview?

Each interview will be between 30 min approx.

Will interviewees be able to share materials (presentation slides, supporting documents etc.) via the interview hosting platform?

During the streaming of the interview, interviewees will be able to share their screens with you. However, any supplementary material will be sent exclusively to you via email before and/or after the interview.