The Story

IMAPAC started as a simple idea to provide quality conference and networking opportunities for businesses and now has developed into life science industry’s one stop shop for business intelligence and contacts with events held around the globe.

We are on an unrelenting mission to help life science businesses around the world generate tangible growth through our cause-driven business conferences that are created to break down barriers and inspire creativity and change.

IMAPAC has always been striving to make the best product because that’s the reason it was started in the first place. “Make the best product” might be a difficult goal to achieve and it doesn’t mean “among the best” or even “best at a particular price point.” It simply means to “make the best,” period.

We believe, conferences should provide more than just contacts, they should provide inspirational ideas and give back to society too. 

IMAPAC would not be where it is today without its team. Working towards creating a culture sustaining a creative workforce and encourage a healthy work-life balance. 

The foundation of the IMAPAC team is built on top of 5 I principles. 

Integrity – It is the foremost of our values, without it one can’t be part of IMAPAC. We will only promise you what we can deliver, we won’t pretend to know what we don’t know and we will only ask you to invest your time and money in events, which we believe will benefit your business.

Initiative – Future problems and not past successes set our agendas, we want to bring your solutions to problems you are about to face. To do this we interact with the industry, listen to the issues and bring together speakers who can provide you with solutions to your problems. If we don’t take the lead, someone else will and to stay there requires passion, research and a desire to offer you more than anyone else.

Innovative – We trade on innovation because you are our most demanding customers and you demand better than last time. So, no copying, no resting on our laurels and if it’s not new it’s old.

Interactive – We do our best work listening to you, by interacting with industry we are able to provide solutions to your problems, and if we don’t please tell us in order that we may better meet your needs.

Inspire – If we can inspire a new business idea, a technological innovation, a new trend or a solution to a problem; then we have done what we set out to do.

Cause-driven: As you are about to discover, every IMAPAC conference is uniquely positioned not only as a meeting place to do business but also to do good – by having a socially and economically beneficial cause to aim for.

Quality governed: Even better, all IMAPAC conferences are advised and supported by a faculty of industry’s key opinion leaders, whom we call “IMAPAC’s Think Tank”, to ensure quality content that is functionally focused, practically beneficial and intellectually challenging.

Innovation orientated: IMAPAC values innovation as much as you do. We understand your need to discuss cutting-edge technology, pave new pathways and expand your horizons. And we will deliver innovative conferences to help you achieve that.

Experience revolutionized: Attending a conference takes time. It’s not just your company’s time, it’s your time too. We aspire to challenge the old-school lecture style conferences and strive to come up with more interactive formats and entertaining twists to enhance your experience, every minute.