Custom Research Services

Based on your objectives and budget, you can customize a package to one that best meets your intelligence needs. This allows you to maximize your ROI without spending on items that are not in line with your strategies.
market leader package

Market Leader Package

From Customized Market Research to Voice of the Customer (VoC) Surveys, from 1-1 Customer Introductions to In-Depth Market Analysis, the Market Leader package allows you to choose services that will help establish your organization as a market leader. If your goal is to increase market share, develop in-depth market understanding, or mould you business strategies based on your potential clients’ interest, this package is ideal for you.

market explorer package

Market Explorer Package

Make inroads into new markets and attract new business with the Market Explorer package. Ideal for those looking to capture the nitty-gritty of a new market landscape including market trends, insights into their potential clients, and more! Through primary research such as surveys and interviews, and extensive secondary information collection, we consolidate information for clients in either in-depth reports or quick-view dashboards. We help you seize growth opportunities and gain an immediate advantage in a new market!

market defender package

Market Defender Package

Ideal for market incumbents who seek to not only maintain but also expand their market share. This package will provide you access to customer screening and validation, customer qualification, as well as Voice of the Customer (VoC) survey and analysis.